A Celebration for Giving & Goodness

November opens the season to show gratitude for all the blessings we have received through the good and bad in our lives. Even through the worst storms, there are silver linings to be had once the mind calms enough to extract lessons and blessings from the devastation or upheaval.

COVID-19 is a prime example of how an unexpected catastrophic event has affected everyone's lives in one way or another. Aside from the obvious health issues, the pandemic was a tsunami of storms that shuttered businesses, increased homelessness / joblessness / financial and food insecurities for the less fortunate while raising the cost of living for all. The full physical, mental and financial side effects of this disease remains unknown, but we have witnessed the destruction and division it has created and emphasized.

Orange County Celebrates "Influencers for Good"

In a time of darkness for many, we are shown that hope and light exists as selfless individuals and organizations come together to help improve the lives of so many unfortunate ones. Strangers and friends collaborate to provide much-needed food, healthcare, personal protective equipment, housing, support against discrimination and so much more throughout the country and in our own Orange County, California backyard.

The Institute for Community Impact, a program of Passkeys Foundations, held its 6th Annual Influencers for Good Celebration on November 3rd, 2021 at the beautiful Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Led by Mr. Russ Williams, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Passkeys Foundation and Mr. Dave Elliott, Founder of the Institute for Community Impact and CEO of Passkeys Foundation, Orange County celebrated its community pillars for their selfless acts of giving and goodness. Influencers for Good recipients were chosen for four categories 1) Business, 2) Healthcare, 3) Family & Social Services, and 4) Education. Honorees of Influencers for Good awards included...

  1. for Business - Mr. Tam Nguyen of Advanced Beauty College,

  2. for Healthcare - Dr. America Bracho of Latino Health Access,

  3. for Family & Social Services - Mr. Harald Herrmann of Second Harvest Food Bank,

  4. for Education - Mr. Ed Hart of University of California, Fullerton.

Congratulations to all our kind, loving honorees for their well-deserved awards. These inspirational Orange County leaders pulled their resources together to successfully support families and businesses overcome the pandemic through its peaks and valleys. Much love and gratitude goes out to all the honorees, their teams, countless other organizations and volunteers that contributed their valuable time and resources to help communities across the globe survive, recover and prepare to thrive post pandemic. It's efforts by kindhearted, loving and selfless individuals that create better lives for those disadvantaged. These acts of giving and goodness reassure us that WE, TOGETHER CAN BE THE LIGHT THAT FOLLOWS DARKNESS just as day always follow night. As our honoree Mr. Nguyen eloquently expressed, "Individually, we are but one drop. But together, we become a sea change to move mountains in the way of progress." Let us BE the INFLUENCERS for GOOD to effect positive change within our COMMUNITIES!