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ActivePure Performance Promise

Updated: Oct 11

ActivePure is happy to arrange third party environmental testing to identify bacteria, mold and fungus circulating in your air when your place of business is occupied. We will conduct this testing irrespective of what MERV rated filters you are using, whether or not you have purchased portable air purifiers or installed competing systems in your HVAC system.

We have established testing design protocols which will be explained to you prior to conducting these tests. It will allow us to determine what is alive and circulating in your air prior to treating your space with ActivePure. We will conduct a pre-test and place our ActivePure units in a custom design for you. Afterwards, we will treat your space for 7 to 10 days with ActivePure, and then retest your air to demonstrate the impact of ActivePure on live pathogens circulating in the tested occupied space.

We do this at no cost to you and only ask that you give us a fair shot at your business once we have completed our testing for you.

Contact Info@NCide.US or call (949) 627 - 0547 to see if your business qualifies for FREE environmental testing for pathogens in your occupied space.

6 Questions You Must Ask Any Supplier of Systems Claiming to Protect Your Employees from Living Airborne Pathogens:

  1. Does the system inactivate pathogens in the air AND on surfaces?

  2. Does the technology work proactively 24/7?

  3. Has the technology been proven effective in real world settings as well as in the laboratory against specific live pathogens of concern, including the virus that causes COVID-19?

  4. Will the manufacturer create a custom designed solution for your space that uses both portable products and installed solutions to treat all of your occupied spaces, including hallways, restrooms, elevators and stairwells?

  5. Does the technology inactivate pathogens in your occupied spaces rather than relying on a filter to capture them?

  6. Will the manufacturer test the efficacy of their technology in your space and guarantee a minimum reduction of live pathogens in your air?

Find out if your facility qualifies for a FREE environmental testing. Email Info@NCide.US or call (949) 627 - 0547.