CDC's Environmental Public Health Tracking Network

National Web-Based Environmental Public Health Tracker

The CDC released a dynamic Web-based environmental public health tool for U.S. residents to track how poor air quality can affect their health and well-being within their geographic locations. Environmental hazards like allergens, tobacco smoke, indoor and outdoor air pollution have been linked to asthma, heart disease and low birth weight in America. Traffic-related air pollution has also been shown to be a significant source of unhealthy air quality, especially in areas near major highways. Another environmental factor tied to illness or even fatalities has been extreme heat or cold during summer and winter seasons.

Click on this link to see how the tracker works. Enter the county or zip code of interest to view the area's demographics and statistics on environmental aggregates which contribute to diseases or deaths by location. Below is the air quality result for Orange County, California in 2018, which is the most current data available. The air pollution count in particulate matter was 11.5 µg/m3 in Orange County as opposed to 12.0 µg/m3 as a national standard. How does your area compare to the national standard?

Health risks due to environmental air pollution can be mitigated by reducing exposure to poor indoor and outdoor air quality, and extreme hot or cold weather conditions. Regular exercise, encouraged by living near parks, beaches or places where residents can conduct physical activities, can also promote good health and wellness. So remember to stay active, warm, dry and away from pollutants as much as possible. Contact NCide for a consult on air and surface disinfection within your environment.