Doing Business with Orange County, CA Tips

Orange County Procurement Vendor Outreach Day

The County of Orange (OC) in southern California held a Vendor Outreach Day on May 19, 2022 at Freedom Hall in Fountain Valley, California to encourage and guide OC companies on how to do business with the county. The event allowed vendors to meet face-to-face with OC agencies, gather information on how to do business with the county, network with other vendors to collaborate, and create opportunities for business with each other as well as the county. Thank you Orange County Agencies for offering this event to the local business community.

More than 100 companies, large and small, were present. Selected vendors were provided tables to showcase their organizations. As a registered Orange County Local Small Business (OCLSB), NCide, a division of Neo Design Concepts LLC got the opportunity to attend. NCide was also given the chance to represent its Antimicrobial Solutions Division for Indoors and On-The-Go. This division provides air and surface disinfection plus personal care products to help businesses mitigate germs, and create healthy environments within its facilities for communities.

How to Do Business with the County of Orange

Below are a few takeaways on how to do business with Orange County.

Good luck in doing business with Orange County, California!