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Dr. Brian Lo And NCide Discuss ActivePure's Capabilities In Reducing Pathogens From Air And Surfaces

Dr. Brian Lo, MD

NCide - Indoor Antimicrobial Solutions' president, Don Phravorachith, spoke with Dr. Brian Lo, MD about one of their product lines: ActivePure Technology air and surface purification systems. Dr. Lo is a well-respected internal medicine physician who has been practicing medicine in Irvine and Orange County communities for over 20 years. He is a UCLA graduate who received his medical degree from Chicago Medical School and did his internal medicine residency at Yale. Operating his own private practice, Dr. Lo offers comprehensive healthcare to patients by combining holistic, traditional and functional medicine. Additionally, he serves as a clinical investigator for medical device companies.

Why ActivePure Technology

Dr. Lo discovered ActivePure Technology while searching for air purification systems to help his asthmatic patients. With COVID-19 surging in communities, he was also searching for a solution to keep them safe from the virus. He was impressed with what he found in ActivePure Technology. In assessing what he recommends for patients, Dr. Lo analyzes if it is safe, efficacious, proven and certified. He explained these points as follows:

  • Safety & Certifications: ActivePure uses a NASA-based technology to mimic nature's antimicrobial process outdoors. It combines water, oxygen and ultraviolet irradiation to create oxidizers that neutralize pathogens in the environment. ActivePure Technology replicates that process and brings it indoors to protect occupants. The technology is OSHA cleared, with products sold in California being California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified. The medical version of this technology is FDA-cleared as a Class II Medical Device.

  • Proven Efficacy: At third-party, independent, FDA approved labs using live COVID-19, ActivePure was able to reduce the virus by 99.9% from the air and on surfaces. Other studies showed 99.99% reductions in viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and other contaminants tested.

  • Credibility: Dr. Birx, who was working as the previous White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator alongside Dr. Fauci, is now ActivePure's Chief Medical and Scientific Advisor.

Dr. Lo expressed how ActivePure can benefit life as we know it, "We can't go anywhere that's indoors, unless we wear a mask. Having ActivePure would allow us to have a life that is as close as we can to what we used to have. Whether it's in the hospital, whether it's at work, whether it's in a restaurant, I would feel safe if I'm a client, a customer or a patient; I walk into a place that I know the risk of contracting COVID is minimized. And in fact, this technology, it is capable of eliminating as high as 99.99% of what's out there, whether it's virus, fungus or bacteria. That's BIG!"

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