NCide Celebrates Black History Month & Valentine's Weekend With FIATM

Updated: Feb 16

NCide enjoyed spending this Saturday afternoon with Family Is All That Matters (FIATM) Group Inc. in honor of Black History Month and in celebration of Valentine's weekend. FIATM is a nonprofit organization that has been doing selfless work in following their Mission Statement of "Unifying Communities One Family At A Time". Founded by Yakuba (Kuba) Brown in 2005 in Moreno Valley, California, FIATM was forced to reestablish themselves at their current Riverside location within the Galleria at Tyler Mall after they lost everything during the Moreno Valley fires. The organization has been working with and encouraging children age 18 years or younger to participate in their athletics and educational programs to prepare them for a brighter future.

Kuba and the FIATM organization identified a need for support that parents of minority families have in raising their children as they struggle to make ends meet. The need to work leaves little quality time to teach and coach their children on how to constructively exercise their minds and energies. As a result, it opens opportunities for ill-influencers to assume the role. To avoid that, parents partner with FIATM to assist as it does take a village to raise a family.

FIATM mentors, tutors and nurtures young minds about family values, sports training, arts talent development and multidisciplinary education. They work with parents to re-enforce values of hard work, accountability, responsibility, character and integrity to develop good citizens and leaders of the future. Many talk or complain about the negatives of life, but few put action behind words to make positive impact within their communities. FIATM proudly joins the club of the few.

NCide was introduced to FIATM through Mr. Cliff Wright, host of BeInspired Today Podcast. Thank you, Cliff for the welcomed introduction to meet such an inspirational organization leading with love and selflessness to build families and communities. Truly inspired by FIATM's mission and movement, NCide donated air and surface disinfection products to the organization for use indoors and on-the-go. These products included surface disinfectants and cleaners for various surface types (hard surfaces, lens, devices and equipment), hand hygiene and disposable masks. NCide also provided an air and surface purifier to mitigate pathogens (viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi) and contaminants within the environment.

Join NCide to support the FIATM mission so they can "Thrive Inside and On-The-Go with NCide"! When you tell us "Family Is All That Matters", we will donate 10% of the proceed from your purchase to FIATM. Contact Info@NCide.US for NCide products and company information, and Admin@FIATMGroupInc.Org for various FIATM program information. Please take care and stay healthy.