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Updated: Jan 23, 2021

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NCide New Normal Business Strategy

Welcome to 2021! We finally waved goodbye to the most difficult year the international stage has ever experienced, especially in the United States of America. 2020 brought its share of challenges, but the most disastrous on a global level, as we know, was SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19. When the pandemic reached American shores, no one expected the gravity of devastation we are experiencing because we are the United States of America, the most powerful country in the world. There are many things we want to lead the world in, but definitely NOT in the number of COVID-19 cases (over 22 million) and deaths (over 368,000). COVID-19 has significantly stifled American lives and livelihood.

It quickly got out of control during winter holiday seasons due to lack of social distancing, COVID-19 fatigue and just sheer disregard for mask wearing by some when in public. Some lawmakers have even rebuked the idea, which have led to super spreader events. Exhausted and overworked healthcare providers plus families who have lost loved ones as a result of this disease plead with the nation to take COVID-19 seriously. Los Angeles county hospitals instructed paramedics last Tuesday not to transport patients with low chances of survival to their facilities, because they will face long wait times for hospital beds and it would be an effort in futility. Orange County, California now report zero ICU bed availability. Hopefully healthcare providers do not have to ration care, but we are at that point as patients lay in ambulances at hospital parking lots waiting 3 or more hours for beds to become available so they can be treated. The dire situation seen at hospitals in southern California and many other states currently represents the beginning of Christmas, New Year's Eve celebrations and the Capitol Hill riot that will continue to be played out in Q1 2021.

COVID-19's Impact On Small Medium Businesses

This pandemic not only affected the physical health of the public, but also the economic well-being of the majority of residents and small medium businesses (SMB). The Blueprint chart below represents the negative impact of COVID-19 on SMBs in various industries as of May 2020, with data up to December 2020 yet to be published. Industries hardest hit were restaurant, retail, legal, non-profit, healthcare and medical. Since small businesses comprise 99.7% of businesses in the USA, according to Fundera, COVID-19 impacted the bulk of small businesses. Being a small business serving other small businesses, Neo Design Concepts

unfortunately did not escape the wrath of COVID-19. As our clients experienced

significant revenue decline, we too lost clients which resulted in about 48% reduction in revenue. Like many families, ours have suffered lost of lives, have been recovering or are undergoing long term effects from this disease.

Another negative adverse effect of COVID-19 for us was in business operations, as design development projects were performed mostly by our overseas Indian teams. With India now second to the USA regarding COVID-19 cases and deaths, the teams themselves underwent numerous mandated stay at home or quarantine orders. It was almost a monthly experience in which someone in their homes or office tested positive for COVID-19 or became sick as a result of it. Although cyber security was provided for our overseas teams to work remotely, it still reduced productivity when they had to care for themselves or someone sick at home. As you can guess, this contributed to project completion and communication delays.

For those who have not experienced loss of any kind, you are extremely blessed and we hope you remain safe, healthy and successful. To those who suffered losses, our hearts and prayers go out to you and your loved ones as we share your pain. Better days are ahead and we will triumph through this health and fiscal tragedy together.

Neo Design Concepts' "New Normal" Marketing

How do small businesses rebound successfully from this trauma to get us on the road to COVID-19 recovery? There is light as we near the end of the tunnel. Although extremely slow, Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations have begun with other vaccine types looking positive for FDA approval soon. The federal government and the CDC have lessened vaccination restrictions with more vaccination locations rolling out in an effort to increase inoculating the public.

So we will get through this. But to paraphrase the wise words of Simon Sinek, "There Is No Going Back to Normal". As Simon explains in the video below, it is necessary to adopt "The Infinite Mindset" to reinvent ourselves as individuals and businesses by adapting to the infinite game concept of work and doing business rather than the finite game. Otherwise, we will become obsolete like the Blockbusters, Sears or Netscape web browsers of the world, which were all once large, successful corporations.

After recovering from just the shock of the pandemic in June, we brainstormed on how Neo Design Concepts could help stop the spread of COVID-19 by expanding our company to support the fiscal and physical health of businesses, communities and families. How could we create a win-win for as many parties as possible and by doing so, help to reboot the economy? Thus, the birth of NCide, a new division focused on providing products that will reduce COVID-19 transmission inside commercial and residential spaces. NCide's indoor COVID-19 solution would implement what is now our "6 R Core Mission".

  1. Reopen indoor operations for all businesses, schools, universities and nonprofits safely against allergens and disease transmission for employees, customers and visitors.

  2. Recondition homes against diseases and allergens to become safe, healthy places to breathe, live and entertain in for loved ones.

  3. Resume indoor social activities and exercise so we can all reconnect in person.

  4. Restore the financial health and well-being of families and communities.

  5. Resuscitate the US economy.

  6. Reinvest in our communities.

To accomplish our mission, NCide will provide indoor antimicrobial solutions such as air purification, surface disinfection, hand sanitization and cross contamination mitigation to decrease COVID-19 and other disease transmission. Once COVID-19 is contained, corporations, institutions and organizations alike can resume inside gatherings and meetings. People can return to work and generate income, students can go back to school and get the needed education, and everyone can resume face-to-face interactions.

The financial toll that COVID-19 has on communities is disheartening. As such, NCide plans on investing in our communities by...

  1. donating 1% of the gross profit of each order to an organization of the client's choice,

  2. rewarding NCide Promoters 5% on the gross profit of their referrals which convert to orders,

  3. sourcing products from American manufacturers and distributors to support and rebuild US businesses and economy.

The success of our 6 R Core Mission will create a financial and physical win-win for families, communities and businesses nationwide, thus resuscitating the US economy, as they "Thrive Inside With NCide"!