Protect the health and security of clients, visitors, and staff in your restaurant, office or building by automatically checking 1) body temperature with an infrared scanner, 2) for mask wearing, and 3) for facial recognition. Each function can be easily turned ON / OFF, as required for the facility. The COVI-CHECK Desktop rests on a table or desk at the entrance of a building, office, restaurant, public transportation entrance, or gate entrance. When someone fails to pass any of the activated functions, an alert will sound to notify the attendant in charge. Depending on functions activated, COVI-CHECK can prevent individuals with fever, or who are not wearing masks from entering an environment to further expose others to sickness. This can also be used for contract tracing of possible infected individuals. The facial recognition feature averts unwanted visitors from entering a facility for security reasons.


Dimensions: W = 134mm, H = 360mm        

Product from South Korea


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Infrared Body Temperature Scanners

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