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NCide - Antimicrobial Solutions for Indoors and On-The-Go

Who Is NCide

Indoor environments harbor countless pollutants that effect the health and wellness of those working and living in it. These contaminants extend beyond the typical volatile organic compounds (VOC) and allergens to bioaerosols such as viruses, bacteria, molds and fungi. Some of these pathogens are easily transmissible from person to person within the air and / or on surfaces, as we have seen with SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that cause COVID-19). This virus, its variants and breakthrough cases awakened us to realize how dangerous and damaging contaminated indoor air and surfaces can be, as the disease spread with ease internationally to shutter businesses, damage economies and devastate lives.


COVID-19 propelled NCide on a path to help communities enhance their well-being while on-the-go, at work, at school or just living life. It begins with keeping clients, their employees and families healthy by reducing germs and contaminants wherever life takes them. NCide brings products that mitigate germs and pollutants from indoor air and surfaces within businesses, gyms, senior care facilities, restaurants, schools, transportation systems, public agencies and more. We aim to build physically and financially healthy communities by helping businesses and families minimize pathogens and contaminants where life happens.


NCide's Mission is to create holistically healthy communities by helping businesses, organizations and families thrive physically and financially to drive academic development, mental and emotional health. We accomplish this by promoting products that address the physical well-being of our clients and their employees, patrons and families. To financially contribute to the US economy, we procure products from U.S. manufacturers which provide jobs for workers in America. NCide also collaborates with community businesses and organizations to donate a portion of our proceeds and products to education and nonprofit groups that work tirelessly to...

  1. mentor and educate future leaders and citizens, and

  2. support individuals and families in need of helping hands to prosper.

So join us to protect those you value while reinvesting in our communities and economy.

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